Probability Oscillator Trading Indicator

Probability Oscillator Trading Indicator

May 28, 2024

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The Probability Oscillator helps investors make informed decisions by incorporating momentum, price action, and trend into the analysis.

Bayesian probability is a method of statistical inference that uses Bayes’ theorem to calculate the probability of an event given prior knowledge about related events. It is a type of probability based on an event's likelihood, given what is already known about it. It is often used in machine learning and artificial intelligence for making decisions and predictions. It has become increasingly popular as an analytical tool in the trading world due to its ability to provide traders with more accurate and reliable forecasts of future market movements.

What is the Momentum Probability Oscillator

The Probability Oscillator (Expo) is a proprietary technical indicator created by Zeiierman Trading. The indicator uses advanced Bayesian probability techniques to measure the strength of a financial asset’s trend. It is also used to identify potential market bottoms and tops. The oscillator displays the probability of a trend continuing in a certain direction (either bullish or bearish). The indicator is designed to help traders identify trends and when a trend has reached its peak, and when it is likely to reverse. The indicator is also useful for identifying false breakouts and for finding entry and exit points for trades.

How to use the Probability Oscillator in Trading?

Bayesian probability can be used in trading to assess the likelihood of a market moving in a certain direction based on historical data and current market conditions. Additionally, Bayesian probability can also help traders identify patterns in the market. By analyzing historical data, traders can identify trading patterns and use them to make more informed decisions. For example, traders can use Bayesian probability to identify potential support or resistance levels, trends, and current momentum in the market and to help determine how the market is likely to move in the future.

  1. Identify the current trend
  2. Identify momentum moves within a trend
  3. Identify pullbacks

Indicator Features

Trend Method

The trader can set different trend methods and lengths to adjust the indicator to different trading styles.


The indicator has momentum dots displayed above and under the probability line. It means that the underlying probability is rising or falling rapidly. It can be a sign of a breakout or reversal.

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