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How to track institutional footprints?

Institutions are hedge funds, funds, banks, pensions, insurance companies, etc. that are responsible for managing tens, if not hundreds of billions of dollars. These firms account for over 75% of all volume. Their positions move the market, not retailer traders (You and I). Executing large volumes in any market will impact the current and future price moves. Institutions are part of driving strong trends. It then makes sense to follow their footprints and even better buy and sell before they do.

Let’s get a better understanding of how this works and how we can utilize it in our own trading.

First of all, institutions have access to enormous resources/information/insights and talent that no other trader ever will come close to having. Hence they have a big advantage over the crowd. Their research budget and the ability to attract the brightest minds from all over the world make them always ten steps ahead in finding new ways to make a profit from the market. They simply have the power and knowledge to create strategies and execution models that can move an entire market. We just have to accept that fact and embrace it into our own trading.

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Let’s talk about their trading strategies.

I myself have worked at a fund and know what’s going on under the hood.

I know and have seen it myself, some strategies are very simple in terms of the rational rules that the strategy follows. It can be easy and well-defined concepts that we all know about, what’s makes a big difference is the way the strategy is executed. When we talk about executing large volumes new aspects come into play that totally takes a simple base strategy into a complex and sophisticated algorithm.

The cost of carrying out their business: Imagine the cost of making thousands of transactions with large volumes? Hence there is a big advantage to come up with executing- models that aim to execute trades as cheaply as possible. So trading firms/institutions spend enormous resources in forecasting the future volume, future price moves, and their own impact on the market. All these factors together will determine when and at what price they will buy or sell according to their base strategy.

In addition, the firms do not want to expose their trading strategies, so the challenge is to act/execute so that it is not visible how they think. To execute large business volumes without them being too clear to other players is a big challenge.

So on top of their base strategy, institutions have models that determine when and at what price they actually can execute trades, combined with models that only focus on hiding their impact. Since, once again, it’s very challenging to execute large volumes in a market without having an impact. If a strategy has a clear impact on the market, the strategy itself can be traced and detected by other firms.

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