Tweezer Top/Bottom Pattern (Expo)

Tweezer Top/Bottom Pattern (Expo) Trading Indicator

May 8, 2024

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The "Tweezer Top & Tweezer Bottom Pattern" by Zeiierman is designed to highlight specific candlestick patterns that signal reversals. It's particularly useful for traders looking to identify precise points at which the market may change direction.

Key Features

  • Pattern Identification: Detects tweezer top and tweezer bottom formations, commonly used by traders for spotting potential reversal points.
  • Configurable Sensitivity: Offers settings to adjust the gap limit, allowing users to define how close the open and close prices must be to form a valid tweezer pattern.
  • Engulfing Filter: Includes an option to only show tweezer patterns that coincide with an engulfing candle, increasing the reliability of the signal.
  • Wick Comparison Filter: This feature checks the wick lengths of the candles involved in the pattern to further validate the trend reversal signal.


  • Standard Tweezer Detection: Identifies classic tweezer top and bottom patterns based on user-defined parameters for wick length similarity.
  • Sensitive Detection Mode: Allows for more detailed scrutiny by setting strict criteria on the absolute difference between the wick sizes.
  • Relative Detection Mode: Looks at the relative percentage difference between wick sizes to identify potential reversals.
  • Customizable Visualization: Users can choose to display various levels of tweezer sensitivity and adjust colors to differentiate between bullish and bearish setups.


  • Trend Reversal Identification: Helps traders spot potential reversals at the top and bottom of trends.
  • Enhanced Entry/Exit Points: Provides visual signals for better timing on entering or exiting trades.
  • Risk Management: Assists in setting stop-loss or take-profit levels based on identified resistance and support levels indicated by tweezer formations.

Additional Features

  • Tweezer Stop Loss: Incorporates a dynamic stop-loss calculation based on the tweezer pattern, offering a robust method to manage risk.
  • Engulfing Confirmation: Enhances pattern confirmation by integrating engulfing candlestick analysis, ensuring higher signal fidelity.


Zeiierman's "Tweezer Top & Tweezer Bottom Pattern" indicator is an essential tool for technical traders focusing on candlestick patterns and trend reversals. With its customizable settings and rigorous filters, it provides a precise mechanism for identifying key market turns, aiding in decision-making for entries and exits in trading strategies.

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