Trend Tracer - Cloud Trading Indicator

Trend Tracer - Cloud Trading Indicator

April 27, 2024

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The Trend Tracer Cloud indicator identifies and predicts the future market direction. The cloud is designed to make it easier to see when a market is trending in one direction or another and to help traders identify potential entry and exit points, as well as trend changes.It is a visual representation of the price's momentum, price action, and volatility by using the trend range in a cloud-like pattern. The cloud is used to identify potential trend reversals, and the bigger the cloud, the more momentum the price has. A trend cloud can help traders identify potential entry and exit points, as well as trend changes.

Trend Cloud Trading

Trend Cloud Trading is a type of trading based on technical analysis that uses a tool called a trend cloud. A trend cloud is a graphical representation of how a certain asset or instrument is trending over a specific period of time. The trend cloud will highlight areas where there is high volatility, low volatility, and the trend's strength.

How to use

One way of using the indicator is to look for a "cloud break", which is when the cloud turns from red to green (or vice versa) and indicates a change in the trend.

S/R Levels

The Trend Tracer Cloud can be used to find support in a bullish trend and resistance in a bearish trend. If the cloud is sloping downwards in a bearish trend, traders can look for potential resistance levels at the highs of the cloud. Similarly, if the cloud is sloping upwards in a bullish trend, traders can look for potential support levels at the lows of the cloud.


The width of the cloud is used to determine if there is high or low volatility.


The deviation between the trend advisor line and the price determines whether a trend is strong or weak. The larger the deviation, the stronger the trend move.

Indicator Features

Trend Cloud

It highlights the trending range, current volatility, and trend direction.

Trend Advisor - leading and trending + cloud

The leading trend advisor highlights the short-term trend strength and momentum, while the trending trend advisor highlights the underlying long-term trend.

Trend Tracker

The Trend Tracker is a fast-moving trend-following line that combines long-term and short-term trend characteristics.

Trend Candlesticks

The Bar coloring uses momentum to highlight the current trend direction.

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