Trend – Support & Resistance Levels/Zones

Trend – Support & Resistance Levels/Zones Trading Indicator

May 10, 2024

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The "[Trend] Support- & Resistance Levels/Zones (Expo)" indicator by Zeiierman is an advanced trading tool that automatically detects and displays support and resistance levels. This indicator is invaluable for traders looking to identify key price points which may indicate pullbacks or trend continuations within the broader market trend.

Key Features

  • Adaptive Timeframe Selection: Users can select between Short Term, Medium Term, Long Term, or Customize their settings according to their trading strategy.
  • Dynamic Trend Cloud: This feature visually represents the trend with a cloud, helping to identify the overall market direction and areas of potential support and resistance.
  • Customizable Sensitivity: The indicator allows adjustments for fast and slow lengths, enabling traders to fine-tune the sensitivity to market changes.


  • Support and Resistance Identification: It dynamically identifies support and resistance levels that are crucial for trend-based strategies.
  • Trend Cloud: The cloud changes color based on the trend direction, providing visual cues about bullish or bearish conditions.
  • Mid-Trend Line: Optionally, users can display a line that represents the middle of the trend, offering additional insights into trend strength and potential reversal points.


  • Trend Confirmation: Helps confirm the prevailing trend direction with visual aids.
  • Pullback Identification: Traders can use the levels to spot potential pullback zones, aiding in entry and exit decision-making.
  • Risk Management: By understanding where support and resistance are likely to occur, traders can set more informed stop-loss and take-profit levels.

Additional Features

  • Trend Tracker: An optional feature that provides a trend line based on advanced calculations, indicating quick shifts in market conditions, suitable for more responsive trading actions.
  • Alert System: Traders can set alerts for when the trend tracker identifies potential ups or downs, helping maintain awareness of significant market movements.


Zeiierman's "[Trend] Support- & Resistance Levels/Zones (Expo)" is an essential tool for traders who rely on trend analysis and need precise support and resistance levels to guide their trading decisions. With its customizable features and intuitive visual aids, it serves as a powerful aid in maximizing the effectiveness of trading strategies across various market conditions.

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