Trend Scalper (Expo) Trading Indicator

May 8, 2024

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The "Trend Scalper (Zeiierman)" indicator is designed to assist traders in identifying market trends, potential top and bottom formations, and significant price retracements. This tool is particularly useful for scalping strategies in fast-moving markets, providing insights into short-term price movements and trend continuations or reversals.

How the Trend Scalper Works

This indicator uses a combination of moving averages and momentum adjustments to track the momentum and identify potential entry and exit points. It integrates price triangles to highlight significant price points and utilizes a unique "TrendHolder" feature to indicate the prevailing market trend, offering visual cues through color-coded bars.

Key Components of the Trend Scalper Include:

  • RSI Settings: Adjusts the length of the RSI calculation, which affects the sensitivity and responsiveness of the indicator to price changes.
  • Trend Settings: Includes parameters to set the underlying trend duration and smoothness, allowing customization according to different trading styles and timeframes.
  • Price Triangles: Utilizes stochastic calculations to form price triangles, signaling potential tops and bottoms based on predefined settings.
  • TrendHolder: A visual representation of the market trend using a moving average of the adjusted RSI, with options to display this as a background color for clearer trend identification.

Usage of the Trend Scalper

Traders can leverage this indicator to:

  • Determine the current market trend and adjust their trading strategy accordingly.
  • Identify short-term price tops and bottoms, which are crucial for scalping strategies.
  • Recognize trend continuations or reversals early, enhancing decision-making for entry and exit points.

Features of the Trend Scalper

  • Customizable Trend Analysis: Traders can set the length and smoothness of the trend analysis to match their trading preferences, whether for quick scalping or longer-term trend following.
  • Dynamic Price Triangles: Offers visual signals for significant market movements, which are essential for identifying entry and exit points in a scalping strategy.
  • Enhanced Trend Visualization: The TrendHolder feature colors the background of the chart to reflect the current trend state, aiding in quick visual assessment.
  • Alert System: Includes configurable alerts for key events such as crossing over or under the trend lines, and specific price triangle activations.


The "Trend Scalper (Zeiierman)" is an effective tool for traders focusing on quick, short-term profits and those who need to make rapid decisions based on trend changes and price movements. Its adaptability to different market conditions and customizable settings makes it suitable for a wide range of trading styles and strategies, particularly in volatile markets where scalping can be most profitable.

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