Supply/Demand Zones

Supply Demand Zones Trading Indicator

May 10, 2024

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"It hasn't been easier to display, in real-time, one of the most important and useful technical analysis , namely supply/demand zones. This algorithm analyzes the market structure in real-time and maps out key supply and demand zones for you."

The Supply/Demand Zones (Expo) Indicator is an advanced tool designed for traders to identify key market areas where supply and demand imbalances occur, signaling potential entry or exit points. This indicator uses price data and a set of customizable parameters to detect zones that indicate significant buying or selling pressure.

How the Supply/Demand Zones Indicator Works

This indicator processes market data through a series of calculations to highlight areas where the price is likely to experience support (demand zones) or resistance (supply zones). By analyzing price movements and their extremes, it visually represents these zones on a trading chart, helping traders to make informed decisions based on current market dynamics.

Key Components of the Supply/Demand Zones Indicator Include:

  • Source Selection: Allows traders to choose the price data source (open, high, low, close) for calculating the zones, affecting the sensitivity and accuracy of the zone identification.
  • Trend and Sensitivity Settings: Adjustments can be made to the trend detection period and the sensitivity of the trend analysis. These settings help in aligning the indicator with the trader’s specific trading strategy and market conditions.
  • Significance Threshold: Defines what is considered a significant zone, with customizable levels to filter out less relevant zones and highlight the most critical areas for trading.

Usage of the Supply/Demand Zones Indicator

Traders use this indicator by monitoring the highlighted supply and demand zones. When the price enters these zones, it may indicate a potential reversal or continuation, depending on the prevailing market conditions and the zone's strength. These zones are particularly useful for setting stop-loss orders or preparing for entry points in anticipation of significant price movements.

Features of the Supply/Demand Zones Indicator

  • Visual Clarity: Zones are clearly marked on the trading chart, making it easy to identify significant trading areas at a glance.
  • Customization: Offers extensive options for customizing how zones are calculated and displayed, including color coding for supply and demand zones.
  • Alert System: Integrated alerts notify traders of critical events when the price reaches or crosses these zones, aiding in timely decision-making.


The Supply/Demand Zones (Expo) Indicator is a powerful tool for traders focusing on key market levels where potential price reversals or breakouts are likely to occur. With its ability to customize and adapt to different trading styles and market conditions, this indicator is indispensable for traders looking to enhance their trading strategies with robust technical analysis tools.

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