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Smart Money Concept Indicator

April 27, 2024

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Are you a professional Smart Money Concept Trader? Or want to become one? Great this is the Trading Tool for you.

What is Smart Money?

Institutions, including hedge funds, banks, pensions, insurance companies, and more, manage huge amounts of money, sometimes in the hundreds of billions of dollars. These organizations make up over 75% of all trading volume and their positions have a significant impact on market movements, rather than retail traders like us. The execution of large trades by institutions can shape both current and future market prices and contribute to strong trends. This makes it advantageous to monitor their actions and potentially buy or sell ahead of them.

To effectively use this information in our own trading, it's crucial to understand the advantages that institutions have. They have access to vast resources, information, and talent that is unparalleled in the trading world. Their substantial research budgets and ability to attract the best minds from around the globe give them a distinct edge in finding new ways to profit from the market. Institutions have the power and knowledge to create strategies and models that can greatly impact the market, and it's important for us to acknowledge and incorporate this into our own trading strategies. Learn how to follow their footprints.

How can we trade as Smart Money does?

There are a few things you need to understand, and the most important one is:

Don't get fooled by delayed pivot points

The market structure is created based on the order flow of institutions and this is not equal to using delayed pivot points to determine the market structure. A vast amount of Smart Money Concept indicators are using pivot points to determine the market structure, hence retail traders are fooled by its inaccuracy to identify the real market structure.  

The difference that matters

The difference between our Smart Money Concept indicator and all others is that we don't use pivot points. If you compare our SMC indicator with others you gonna notice a big difference in the range, the structure, the order flow, and so on. SMC is not about pivot points, it's about the market structure. We understand that it might be confusing because 99% of the SMC indicators out there are based on pivots, but that's just a sign that they don't really know the truth behind the SMC concept. Our tool follows the market structure rules, so you are in good hands with us.

How can you spot if you are using a pivot point SMC indicator?

It's easy, if you have the ability to change the market structure length within the setting panel of the indicator you know you're using an indicator that is not based on the correct market structure. The market structure is created in real-time hence it's impossible to have predefined settings or the ability to "change" how the market structure should look like.

Smart Money Concept by Zeiierman Trading - a must-have!

Our SMC indicator does not have any market structure settings, rather we are using sophisticated algorithms to determine the current structure in real time. Our SMC indicator incorporates a unique "adjust to wick feature" that makes the indicator even more accurate and reflects the institution's order flow even better. That is how you gain a true edge in the market. One step ahead of delayed and inaccurate pivot points.

In this video, you will visually see how you can benefit from using the correct Market Structure, it has a huge impact on the number of quality trades we can take.

Watch this video to understand the difference

Be smart and start using the correct Smart Money Concept Indicator

This premium version of our SMC indicator includes all advanced Smart Money Concept Trading techniques. It's a real-time trading tool updated in each and every bar, which helps traders to get an instant view of the current market structure.

The indicator includes all the important concepts such as Market Structure, Change of Character, Shift in Market Structure, Break of Market Structure, Live Trading Range, Premium & Discount, Fractals, and Swing Structure. In addition to that we have added the unique and popular SMC Market Structure Trend to help traders analyze the structure trend in real-time.

In addition to these features, this version adds the following:

  • Multitimeframe option
  • Predicted Structure and Range
  • Backtesting option
  • External Range Liquidity
  • Internal Range Liquidity
  • Liquidity Grab
  • Fair Value Gap (FVG)
  • True Fair Value Gap
  • Imbalance
  • Order block
  • Orderflow
  • Supply & Demand
  • Equal Highs and Equal Lows
  • Point of Interest
  • An alert function that allows you to set any combination of alerts.

This indicator aims to be an all-in-one SMC indicator that helps Smart Money Traders automate their analyzes.

How To Use Smart Money Concept

  • Use the indicator to trade advanced SMC Trading techniques. The indicator is an SMC toolkit that helps traders to simplify and automate their SMC Trading.
  • If you are new to SMC Trading, we recommend you take our SMC Introduction Course.

Smart Money Concept Settings

  • The indicator is fully customized and can be adjusted to fit Swing Trading, Trend Trading, Day Trading, or Scalping.
  • The indicator works in any market and timeframe.

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