On Balance Volume Flow

On Balance Volume Flow (Expo) Trading Indicator

May 8, 2024

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The "On Balance Volume Flow" by Zeiierman is an advanced volume analysis tool designed to detect significant changes in the On Balance Volume (OBV). This indicator is essential for traders who rely on volume trends to make informed trading decisions, highlighting the dynamics of market pressure.

Key Features

  • Multiple Calculation Methods: Offers several methods for calculating OBV changes, including Relative OBV Change, Speed of OBV Change, and Trend OBV Change, allowing users to select the approach that best suits their trading style.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity: Features settings to adjust the 'Velocity' or sensitivity of the OBV calculation, enabling users to fine-tune the indicator's responsiveness to market conditions.
  • Significance Settings: Allows users to define the significance level of OBV calculations, aiding in the identification of meaningful volume shifts that could indicate potential trading opportunities.


  • OBV Volume Analysis: Analyzes volume over a user-specified length to provide a more comprehensive understanding of market trends.
  • Customizable OBV Oscillator: Incorporates a proprietary OBV oscillator formula that helps visualize volume flow in a more digestible format, with options to adjust formula complexity.
  • Heikin Ashi Integration: Utilizes Heikin Ashi calculations for smoothing the OBV signals, making it easier to interpret the trends.


  • Trend Detection: Helps identify underlying volume trends that may not be visible through price action alone.
  • Market Reversal Signals: Enhanced sensitivity settings assist in spotting potential reversals earlier by observing abrupt volume changes.
  • Risk Management: Provides additional data points for setting more informed stop-loss or take-profit levels based on volume flows rather than price movements alone.


Zeiierman's "On Balance Volume Flow" indicator is a powerful tool for traders focusing on volume as a primary indicator of market sentiment. With its customizable settings and comprehensive analysis features, it provides an enhanced perspective on market trends, supporting better decision-making for entries and exits in various market conditions.

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