Intelligent Price Action – Movement Up

Intelligent Price Action Movement Up (Expo) Trading Indicator

May 8, 2024

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The "Intelligent Price Action [M] - Delivery Algorithm" is an advanced technical analysis tool created by Zeiierman to highlight significant price moves within the financial markets. This indicator is designed to detect and visualize dynamic price actions that can signify the beginning of new trends or potential reversals.

Key Features

  • Versatile Delivery Algorithm: Employs a variety of algorithms to analyze price action, including options for price, swing highs/lows, momentum, expansion, and volume-based approaches.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity Settings: Features customizable sensitivity settings that allow traders to fine-tune the algorithm's responsiveness to market conditions.
  • Scalping Mode: Includes a scalping mode that sharpens the algorithm’s sensitivity, making it ideal for traders looking for precision in fast-moving markets.


  • Dynamic Calculation Methods: Offers multiple calculation methods to cater to different trading strategies and market scenarios, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.
  • Color-Coded Visualization: Utilizes color-coded candlesticks to distinguish between different types of price movements, providing clear and actionable insights at a glance.
  • Enhanced Zone Detection: The scalping mode enhances the detection of key trading zones, aiding in precise entry and exit decisions.


  • Trend Identification: Assists in identifying the start of trends or potential reversals, enabling traders to strategically position their trades.
  • Price Movement Analysis: Helps analyze the nature and significance of price movements, offering insights into underlying market dynamics.
  • Risk Management: Aids in setting strategic stop-loss points based on detected price movements and volatility, enhancing risk management strategies.


Zeiierman's "Intelligent Price Action [M] - Delivery Algorithm" stands out as a sophisticated tool for traders who require precision and flexibility in their trading toolkit. With its ability to adapt to various trading styles and conditions, this indicator is particularly valuable for those who trade on both short and long-term horizons. Its intuitive design and powerful delivery algorithm make it a critical asset for effective market analysis and decision-making.

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