Free Smart Money Concept

Free Smart Money Concept Trading Indicator

April 27, 2024

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Are you Trading SMC? - Are you willing to learn how to apply SMC techniques? - Great, this indicator is for you! It's completely FREE!

Smart Money Concept (SMC) indicator

This Smart Money Concept (SMC) indicator is a sophisticated and highly innovative indicator that combines all the necessary features to trade SMC trading techniques. It is built off of Smart Money Concepts inspired by inner trader circle (ICT) teachings. Smart Money is considered the capital allocated by institutional investors, funds, and other larger financial market participants. This indicator takes the Institutional trading behavior and makes it accessible to retail investors. By using an SMC indicator, you get professional insights into the market.

Fully automated and real-time

This indicator provides you with all of the most important SMC principles in one indicator. Fully automated and real-time Break of Market Structure, Change of Character, Current Trading Range, Premium & Discount, Fractals, and Swing Structure. In addition to the most important features, we have added a highly unique SMC Market Structure Trend based on the market structure principle. A confirmed swing structure trend background enhances the trend feature even more.

SMC Features

  • Swing Structure
    Identifying major market structures with the indicator.
  • Current Trading Range
    The Range feature ensures that traders always know where the current range is and where to find Premium and Discount within that range. In addition, the range is updated in real-time without any delay.
  • Premium & Discount Zones
    Identifying Premium and Discounts zones automatically for you.
  • Structure break
    Break of Market Structure (BMS) and Change of Character (CHoCH) - are automatically identified and plotted in real time.
  • Supply and Demand
    Use our Supply/Demand indicator to identify high probabilities trading zones.


  • Use the indicator to trade SMC Trading techniques.
  • Use the indicator to understand the current market structure.
  • Use the indicator to identify the current range and premium and discount levels.

SMC Settings

  • The Market structure period is fully customized and can be adjusted to fit Swing Trading, Trend Trading, Day Trading, or Scalping.
  • The indicator works in any market and timeframe.

SMC Basic Terminology

  • S&D - Supply & Demand
  • S2D - Supply to Demand
  • D2S - Demand to Supply
  • OB - Orderblock
  • AOI - Area of Interest
  • POI - Point of Interest
  • LOR - Level of Respect
  • FLOR - First Level of Respect
  • IMB - Imbalance
  • INF - Inefficiency
  • FVG - Fair Value Gap
  • IRL - Internal Range Liquidity
  • ERL - External Range Liquidity
  • HH - Higher High
  • HL - Higher Low
  • LL - Lower Low
  • LH - Lower High
  • BOS - Break of Structure
  • BMS - Break of Market Structure
  • mBOS - Minor Break of Structure
  • SMS - Shift in Market Structure
  • CHoCH - Change of Character
  • mCHoCH - minor Change of Character
  • EQH - Equal Highs
  • EQL - Equal Lows
  • BSL - Buy Side Liquidity
  • SSL - Sell Side Liquidity
  • LQ - Liquidity
  • EQ - Equilibrium
  • PA - Price Action
  • MTF - Multi Timeframe
  • HTF - Higher Timeframe
  • LTF - Lower Timeframe
  • PT - Protrend
  • CT - Counter trend
  • OF - Orderflow
  • EOF - Expectational Orderflow
  • LOD - Low of the Day
  • HOD - High of the Day
  • HOW - High of the Week
  • LOW - Low of the week
  • RE - Risk Entry
  • CE - Confirmation Entry
  • DCE - Double Confirmation Entry
  • SL - Stop loss
  • RR - Risk Reward
  • BFI - Banks & Financial Institutions
  • Hedgies - Hedge Funds

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