Auto Support/Resistance Levels

Auto Support/Resistance Levels Trading Indicator

May 8, 2024

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The "Auto Support/Resistance Levels (Zeiierman)" indicator is a comprehensive tool designed for traders to automatically detect potential support and resistance levels based on price action. Integrated into the TradingView platform, this indicator caters to various trading styles, including scalping, day trading, and swing trading, by offering adjustable sensitivity levels.

How the Auto Support/Resistance Levels Indicator Works

This indicator uses a blend of moving averages and historical price highs and lows to identify key levels that price may respect. By analyzing the average price and comparing it with past price extremes over specified periods, the tool marks levels where price has shown significant reversal or consolidation behavior in the past.

Key Components of the Auto Support/Resistance Levels Include:

  • Scalping Levels: Short-term support and resistance levels ideal for scalpers, based on quick in-and-out trades.
  • Trading Levels: Mid-term levels designed for regular day traders or those looking for a bit more depth in their analysis.
  • Swing Trading Levels: Long-term levels suited for traders holding positions over several days or weeks, seeking to capitalize on larger market moves.

Usage of the Auto Support/Resistance Levels

Traders utilize this indicator to:

  • Identify strategic points for entering or exiting trades.
  • Enhance risk management by setting stop-loss orders near identified support or resistance levels.
  • Combine with other technical tools to confirm trends or potential reversals.

Features of the Auto Support/Resistance Levels

  • Adaptability to Trading Style: Customizable parameters for scalping, trading, and swing trading ensure that traders of all frequencies can use this tool effectively.
  • Dynamic Color Coding: Levels change color based on the current price's position relative to these levels, providing intuitive visual cues for traders.
  • Precision and Clarity: High precision up to six decimal places ensures the levels are accurately marked, suitable for instruments with small price increments.


The "Auto Support/Resistance Levels (Zeiierman)" indicator is a versatile and dynamic tool for traders who rely on precise levels to make informed decisions. With its ability to adapt to different trading styles and provide clear, actionable levels, it is an essential component of a technical trader’s toolkit. Whether used as a standalone indicator or in conjunction with other tools, it offers valuable insights into potential price barriers and helps in the strategic planning of trades.

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