Arithmetic Candlesticks

Arithmetic Candlesticks Trading Indicator

May 28, 2024

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Arithmetic Candlesticks uses complex and logical arithmetic mathematics to create a new way of reading charts. These candlesticks use real price data as the underlying source and aim to output the most relevant and accurate price data to make informed decisions. The advanced and highly innovative arithmetic calculations filter out the noise and smooth the price without significant lag. This makes the chart reading way much more effortless.

What is Arithmetic Candlesticks

Arithmetic Candlesticks is a method of chart analysis based on the use of arithmetic and logical mathematics. This method of chart analysis is rooted in the idea that the market moves in patterns that can be identified and predicted by looking at the numbers of past price movements. With this method, traders and investors can identify and exploit trends that may be hidden in the market noise. This allows the trader to identify trading opportunities that may not be immediately obvious to the naked eye.Arithmetic Candlesticks provide insight into the underlying momentum, trend, and potential future price movement. This type of analysis is useful for traders who want to quickly scan and identify patterns, trends, and momentum in the market. The system looks for price patterns and trends in an effort to anticipate future price movements. The system is designed to be used by both beginner and experienced traders.Arithmetic Candlesticks is a powerful tool for traders and investors to gain a better understanding of the underlying trends in the market.

Eliminates price noise

The Arithmetic Candlestick filter is a technical analysis tool used to reduce price noise, which is the randomness in price movement of an asset caused by market participants trading on a short-term basis. The idea behind the filter is that it eliminates the impact of short-term fluctuations in the price, thus providing a more accurate picture of the overall trend.

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How to use Arithmetic Candlesticks

Arithmetic Candlesticks is an all-in-one trend and momentum tool that can be used stand-alone or together with other indicators. The main usage is to get a clear chart reading and easily identify trends. The indicator comes with great momentum features that provide insight into the current momentum and the price action's strength. This gives traders a unique chart experience that gives valuable insights.The indicator has tons of features, and each an everyone can be used stand-alone or in combination with each other. Read more about the features below.

Trend Trading using the Arithmetic Candlesticks

One of the advantages of Arithmetic Candlesticks is their way of capturing precise trend entries and helping traders to stay longer in trends.

The indicator is often used together with our Range & Trend to get other types of Buy/Sell signals.

Arithmetic Candlesticks features

The indicator comes with tons of great features that make the indicator into its own system that can be used stand-alone. You find everything from trend reading, entry/exit points, identifying momentum, and auto-stop loss.Candle Style: Choose between the Arithmetic Candlesticks, Arithmetic Candlestick with Heaikin Ashi filter, or Arithmetic Candlesticks with Impulse wicks.Impulse Wick: The impulse wick can be enabled if the trader wants to identify how strong the current price action is. (the greater the wicks are, the stronger the current price action).Candle Coloring: Arithmetic candle coloring or gradient coloring can be selected.Impulse: Identify significant market moves. It can be a great sign of trend exhaustion or can be used as a take-profit area.

Buy/Sell Signals: Inbuilt Arithmetic Buy/Sell signals can be enabled. These signals are based on unique arithmetic calculations. Increase the value if you want more signals!

Take Profit: Take profit dots shows areas where the trader should take partial profit.

Adaptive Stop loss: The Stop loss only works if you have enabled the signals. The stop loss features set an auto stop loss for all signals plotted on the chart.

Trend Tracker: A great trend tracker line that provides insights about the underlying trend. It's a great complement to the Arithmetic Candlestick.[embed][/embed]

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