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Why am I failing as a Trader?

Why am I failing as a Trader?

December 5, 2023

You might be asking yourself why Trading didn’t work for you. Why does it work for thousands of other traders?

You may be looking around at the other traders who appear to be having an easy time. Yes, some traders have an easy time trading with our tools and making consistent money. That is the ultimate stage we all want to be in. To achieve this, you must understand the core truth about trading.

You are most likely failing as a trader because of a lack of proper risk management and strategy. Successful traders understand the importance of risk management and have a well-defined trading strategy that considers the markets, the trading system, and the trader's risk tolerance.

Additionally, successful traders tend to stick to their strategy without getting tempted by the allure of “easy money.” If you are not taking the proper steps to mitigate risk and have a solid trading strategy, you’re unknowingly setting yourself up for a loss.

The truth about trading.

Trading is a skill that requires time and discipline. You have to spend time learning the markets, learning our tools, and mastering our strategies.

We offer world-class TradingView tools that professional traders around the globe use. We know our tools can give you a huge edge in the market. But can our tools compensate for basic trading fundamentals? I wouldn’t bet on it.

Trading requires that you find yourself. It’s a personal journey where you must control your emotions. This task is not easy, but we can all learn to manage it. The key is to become self-aware. Our Trading Tools help you with that, to find your trader identity.

Remember, no indicators are 100% accurate all the time. The good news is, that there are tools, strategies, and risk management systems that can help you to become a successful trader. At Zeiierman Trading, we offer indicators, Tools, Strategies, and Education that help you achieve your trading dreams.

Insights from my personal experience.

Everybody wants consistent results, but nobody wants to be consistent with their actions. For consistent output, you need consistent input.

What I (Zeiierman) do: I only focus on a few things and ignore the rest. I want to be consistent and always know what I’m doing.

I have seen during these years that the ones who stick to one strategy outperform those who jump around and try to find the holy grail. If you have a strategy and 1 or 2 indicators you like, focus on these and learn them by heart.

Do not give up if you have a losing streak. You have to trust the process and become consistent in the strategy. It’s not about the next 10 trades. The 1000 trades you were going to execute during the next 12 months make the difference.

If you constantly change indicators/strategies, you will never find what works for you. At some point, you must start narrowing down your focus and refining that edge.

The real (and intended) use of trading indicators.

They know that no indicator is perfect and cannot be followed without a second thought. Indicators are tools to find confluence and confirm your trade idea/analysis.

  • They see indicators as a tool that can help to identify market patterns, Trends, etc.
  • They do the hard work by analyzing the market before entering a trade.
  • They have a clear strategy and risk management process that they follow.
  • They know they won’t get rich on the next 10 trades. They think long-term.
  • They take their losses and move on to the next trade.
  • They have developed the right mindset and attitude.

You have to do the hard work to be successful. You have the best tools available, and tons of traders make consistent results using them. Decide to be one of them!

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